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Artist's Statement

To be a contributor to the progressive evolution of arts & humanity, personally means creating cutting-edge & thought-provoking digital art showcased in full-effect, highest-quality graphics & innovative mediums.

Specifically, it is integrating imagination & technology to create visual portals to wherever we intend to be. Whether to a state of bliss, well-being, enlightenment, prosperity, or creativity, my mindset in making art is to bring an experience of: Wonderment from Quantum Visuals, Serenity from Nature's Bounty, Magic from Decorative Graphics, Empowerment from Visual Art that incorporates original poetry & philosophy.

On an aesthetic level, the task is to ensure application of avant-garde, unique signature style that captures the essence of Visual Arts in the Cyber-age. On an intrinsic level, the mission is to convey the message of unlimited human potential transcending identities, such as gender, race, creed, social class, profession.

My invitation to all is:

Beautify your outside. Collect & decorate.

Empower your inside. Connect & elevate.



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