Product Brand Logo : Future Generation Artistry - Gender Free Arts

August 14, 2018



The product brand logo was designed to represent the major art categories that FGA-GFA creates. Below is how we broke down & enumerated the elements of the logo with their corresponding meanings:

-  a flower to represent our art category 'Bounties of Nature’

It is also believed to symbolize purity & divinity which are both recurrent themes reflected in our artworks.

-  a  light of fire to signify enlightenment from our art category ‘Poetic & Philosophical’

It is an appropriate symbol as well for 'Art Aglow’ - the brandname used for our Artworks framed in LED Light Boxes.

-  a headdress decorated with precious metals & jewels worn by a monarch of high authority to symbolize the category ‘Decorative Graphics’.


Since crown is also a mark of a triumphant champion in a competitive environment, we also meant it to stand for the category ‘Sports World’.


Additionally, FGA-GFA has always felt being in its own revolution in the Art World since day one. We thought a crown is an optimistic inspiration to being victorious over the hurdles we ought to face.

(Segmented Version : 2 connected horizontal diamonds above the FGA-GFA text)

-  a symbol of being unlimited to represent the energy-themed art section ‘Quantum Realm'.


The symmetrical character also suggests balance & equality which are both intended effects of most of our artworks.

-  color of illumination, wisdom & prosperity.

-  color of wisdom, creativity & spiritual grounding.

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