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Digital Artist & Graphic Designer in Southern California / South Bay / LA County / Los Angeles / 

Beach Cities / Redondo Beach / Torrance / Hermosa Beach/ Manhattan Beach / Palos Verdes areas



Je’free (Peter Jeffrey Yabut) initially explored the art world in the area of poetry by writing & self-publishing original poems which he turned to musical compositions & recorded as his own songs.  His creativity then was also channelled

into designing fashion & theatrical dance. Video-making soon followed, a route in the journey of his artistry

that soon led to capturing frames & editing still-shots.  Consequently, he found himself creating Digital Art

as he was inspired by artworks of M.C. Escher & Alberto Seveso.  Expansive exploration in the art world & personal experiences along the way, such as tragedy & losses, moving from Manila to LA, sense of discord with the corporate world all fueled his creativity & passion to spark his own business where progressive Digital Art is the core & foundation.  



Robert Hartman has the exposure  to a great deal of visual advertising through his years of experience in retail, wholesale & marketing which enhanced his skills for co-creating an eclectic array of all-original digital artworks.  Being the eye that ensures the proper proportion & perspective in the artworks, he also has become a pillar of artistic inspiration

and innovative ideas.  




Ph: 310 962 4544 

Robert Hartman 

(Artistic Collaborator) 


Ph: 310 210 5839

Je'free | Peter Jeffrey Yabut 



1732 Aviation Blvd. #434

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

North Redondo Beach Gallery:

By Appointment Only

Call Robert Hartman 310-962-4544



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