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"The brilliance of Future Generation Artistry + Aluminum Prints at AIM Mail & Print Center = AMAZING!"

Michael Helin

Manager - AIM Mail & Print Center

Redondo Beach, CA



"We stumbled upon Je’free’s incredible artist’s work at “The Pancakes and Booze” Art Show and fell in love with all the uniquely beautiful pieces; not only super talented but also an incredible soul." 

Marisa Esposito & Noah Hunt

Founder - Endeavor Studios LA

West LA, CA

"I’m a proud collector of FGA artworks - riveting aesthetics, rich texture, therapeutic colors. Je'free & Robert are trailblazers in making LED lit art more mainstream.  Above all, I’m constantly empowered by the high quality graphics conveying messages about human greatness. "

 Jack R. 


 Los Angeles, CA

“Dynamically inspiring! I bought 3 pieces for my office.  Every artwork is like a portal to a magical place that is unique & personal to each of my patients who get visually engrossed. 

The contents are timeless & priceless.  I also got some original tote bags & apparel - fabulous!"

Rochelle B.


New York, NY

 “Artwork ‘Space Carousel’ had a timely delivery in well-protected packaging.  Hung on my dining room wall with its LED lights on, it has been a hot conversation piece whenever I host a social gathering. I’m reacquainted with the power of art not just on an individual level, but on a collective level as well."

 Marcelo T.

 Corporate Lawyer

 Chicago, IL       

“I personally like the return of the poetic slogans tastefully incorporated in the artworks which we seldom see nowadays.  ’Truth Seeker’ & 'Divine Vision'  are my favorite purchase.  I’m a new follower here for sure, ready to take the exciting journey Future Generation Artistry embarks on."

 Jade G.      


 San Francisco, CA


“Thank you for the chance to connect to such thematic visual art with healing messages.  I salute FGA’s noble cause of supporting treatment research for Cancer & AIDS.  Keep making the world beautiful not only on the outside, but also within."

 Mandy N.

 Real Estate Agent

 Miami, FL

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